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Get Creative This Spring - Sculpture

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  • Casting Hands, 2016, Saša Rajšić. Photo Credit: Saša Rajšić.
    Casting Hands, 2016, Saša Rajšić. Photo Credit: Saša Rajšić.

Saša Rajšić, Art Installation Technician | February 1, 2017

Have you ever had wanted to create a sculptural piece but didn’t know how? Please join me for this practical course designed for absolute beginners as well as for those with existing project ideas that need a little guidance. Participants will learn how to reproduce small forms using simple one part and two part plaster molds.

For the hand casting portion of the course, I will ask you to reflect on what hand gesture you want to capture and why is that important to you. Adornments of personal small objects may be cast and added. The finishing can include painting. I will demonstrate how the proper use of lighting can fully capture the uniqueness of your artwork.

Mold Making: Casting Hands course is scheduled at Idea Exchange’s Queen’s Square location Tuesdays, May 9 - June 13, 2017 at 7:00pm. Register online today.

Saša Rajšić gained his BFA from OCAD, where he studied Sculpture and Mold-Making. He continued as a mold-maker at OCAD University and other studios, including Moss & Lam, Toronto.