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Sarah E, Hespeler | May 1, 2017
Over the years I’ve cherished time spent with my “elders” more and more. I continue to learn from them and often gain new perspectives from our visits. In the past year, I have spent a significant amount of time with my ninety-eight year old Nana. I cherish our time together and learn as much as I can from her. While I do most of the cooking, I ask her a ton of questions about how she makes things. I often ask her how long I should cook... Read More»

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Mya Kidson | May 19, 2017
Step into the Darkness Emma Jensen and her friends had been daredevils all their lives. They jumped off high cliffs, roller bladed down steep... Read More»
Lee, Clemens Mill | May 19, 2017
With Winter behind us and Spring in full bloom, it’s time to start thinking about SUMMER!!! Idea Exchange is once again offering our version of the... Read More»
mom and son with laptop
Nicole, Queen's Square | May 19, 2017
When I’m home with my kids, often I spend my days holding onto the acceptable limit of ‘screen time’ as a coveted resource – I don’t want to use it... Read More»

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