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Idea Exchange Magazine Spring 2017
Tamara, Queen's Square | February 24, 2017
The Spring 2017 edition of Idea Exchange Magazine is here! Read about our new teen e-writer in residence, find out about the MagnusCards app and learn more about the changing face of volunteerism. And of course, explore all of the exciting exhibitions, programs, events and courses for every age at Idea Exchange. There is so much to share in this issue so be sure to pick up your free copy at any Idea Exchange location or connect with us online to... Read More»

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Four children on a swing
Andrea, Queen's Square | March 19, 2017
We love it when kids get active and moving! All children and babies learn by doing, and active play experiences help teach physical literacy.... Read More»
Math and art on blackboard behind a child
Kids | March 17, 2017
Looking for a program to inspire curiosity and wonder? Check out STEM Storytime, a drop in program to encourage little ones to explore the principles... Read More»
Mya Kidson | March 16, 2017
Lost in dance The sand moved under her feet with every leap she took She made imprints in the sand Marking trails in the sand Spinning around... Read More»

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