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Happy Earth Day sign
Emma, Preston | April 2, 2018
It’s hard for me to pick what I like best about Earth Day. The focus on loving all the wonders our earth provides? Check! The encouragement to get outside? Check! The inspiration to do something good for our world? Check! Given this, it was hard for us at Idea Exchange to narrow down how best to celebrate Earth Day with the members of our community. So, we decided, why bother narrowing down? Instead let’s plan an Earth Day Extravaganza with... Read More»

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classical conductor
Phil, Queen's Square | April 18, 2018
If you’re a fan of classical music, have you taken a deeper look at our free online music service, Freegal? Every week new titles are available for... Read More»
quotation mark
Madeleine Banman | April 18, 2018
We all can use a little inspiration sometimes, and there are quite a few wonderful, inspirational quotes out there! These are seven of my favourites... Read More»
Volunteer pizza party at CCAF
Rebecca Soares, Conestoga College Print Journalism Student | April 2, 2018
“The heart of a volunteer can’t be measured in size, but by the depth of commitment to make a difference in the lives of others.” -DeAnn Hollis We... Read More»

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