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Idea Exchange | March 28, 2017
On Wednesday, March 29th from 8:30pm - 12:00am the library catalogue, online member accounts, telephone renewal system, some website functions,... Read More»
Perform live at the Next Up Showcase
Programs + Events | March 27, 2017
Are you a singer, instrumentalist, poet, rapper, duo, ensemble or band who loves performing acoustically in front of a live audience? Share your... Read More»
Mya Kidson | March 24, 2017
The Flower of Luck A boy, Stressed about exams and what he’s going to do in his future. On his way home from school, He sees something on the... Read More»
Four children on a swing
Andrea, Queen's Square | March 19, 2017
We love it when kids get active and moving! All children and babies learn by doing, and active play experiences help teach physical literacy.... Read More»
Math and art on blackboard behind a child
Kids | March 17, 2017
Looking for a program to inspire curiosity and wonder? Check out STEM Storytime, a drop in program to encourage little ones to explore the principles... Read More»
Mya Kidson | March 16, 2017
Lost in dance The sand moved under her feet with every leap she took She made imprints in the sand Marking trails in the sand Spinning around... Read More»
Mya Kidson | March 10, 2017
Ode to the Night Sky Oh starry night, How powerful the stars shine, Twinkling brighter than the moon. Oh starry night, How beautiful the dusk... Read More»
boy with hand over mouth
Nicole, Queen's Square | March 6, 2017
I’ve been blessed with two wonderful, picky children. While both of my boys have displayed their own unique issues regarding food, they have one... Read More»
Basketball Court, Photo Credit St Benedict Secondary School, 2016
Caitlyn, Clemens Mill | March 6, 2017
At Idea Exchange Clemens Mill and St. Benedict Catholic Secondary School, we believe it’s important to contribute to building a strong, vibrant, and... Read More»
Mya Kidson | March 3, 2017
The Hidden Ones Does your pulse quicken When you pass those ghouls that haunt the street Does your pace quicken Do you walk a little faster?... Read More»