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Brightly coloured paper pom poms
Patricia, Clemens Mill | April 2, 2017
This spring, try something new or feed your passion with exciting teen programs at Idea Exchange! Master solving a Rubik’s Cube at the Cube Club on... Read More»
random words
Linda, Queen's Square | April 2, 2017
Find a canoe, float down the river, and fish for a poem -- it’s Poetry Month!  We are very pleased to showcase our winning poets from our Poem-A-Day... Read More»
cartoon of a zombie
Lina, Preston | April 2, 2017
I say yes because I am one!  Recently, Phil at Queen's Square wrote an article on sleeplessness and how to get to sleep. He had some good ideas.... Read More»
man with cricut machine
Jennifer, Clemens Mill | April 2, 2017
Do you like to scrapbook or make your own cards? If you answered yes, you might be interested in learning more about the new Cricut machine at Idea... Read More»
vacuuming a car seat
Shaun, Hespeler | April 2, 2017
Hooray! Spring is finally here! Or, it should be here by now. I don’t really know. I’ve lived in this province a couple of years and I’m still trying... Read More»
movie popcorn and glasses
Jessica, Queen’s Square | April 2, 2017
I love going to the movies.  There’s nothing better than completely immersing yourself in another world and escaping the humdrum of daily life. ... Read More»
London Road
Robert Thody, Education Officer | March 31, 2017
“Cheek to Cheek” was how my parents met, Ballroom Dancing in London just after World War II. Consequently, I was enrolled into a local dance class... Read More»
Mya Kidson | March 31, 2017
In honour of National Poetry Month, hear Mya read her poem aloud: Loading the player...   A Lie Something we are all capable of doing. Something... Read More»
Unbelievably UnPlugged
Programs + Events | March 29, 2017
Time to cue the April showers, and with them, a new month’s worth of programs and events at Idea Exchange! Read on for a few highlights. Warm up your... Read More»
Next Up Showcase
Programs + Events | March 27, 2017
Are you a singer, instrumentalist, poet, rapper, duo, ensemble or band who loves performing acoustically in front of a live audience? Share your... Read More»