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walking a dog
Jennifer, Clemens Mill | May 2, 2018
It’s the perfect time of year to get outside, go for a walk and breathe in the fresh spring air. There are many beautiful places to walk in Cambridge... Read More»
Odd Thomas book cover
Jessica, Queen's Square | May 2, 2018
I love reading a series.  Don’t get me wrong standalone books are great, but there’s something special about revisiting a world and catching up with... Read More»
Boats docked in Norway
Carroll, Queen's Square | May 2, 2018
The Bokbaten Epos is a floating library that operates in the country of Norway and serves the two western counties of Hordaland, and More og Romsdal... Read More»
child's hands planting a small plant
Programs + Events | May 2, 2018
April showers brought May flowers, but they also brought our May programs! We have plenty of programs for everyone this month at Idea Exchange,... Read More»
Old slate roof tile for sale at Monigram Coffee Roasters
Rebecca Soares, Conestoga College Print Journalism Student | May 2, 2018
Out with the old and in with the new! But wait – what do we do with the old? For some, the answer comes easy. You can simply throw away the old as... Read More»
Nerf Darts
Carroll, Queen's Square | May 2, 2018
Most of us have enjoyed an epic Nerf battle at some point during our lives. Whether that took the form of launching foam darts at our friends in the... Read More»
cartoons of famous world landmarks
Tina, Preston | May 2, 2018
I LOVE to travel! I have been very fortunate and been able to visit some wonderful places. However, I’m not always able to go away all the time.... Read More»
Teens writing exams
Rebecca Soares, Conestoga College Print Journalism Student | May 2, 2018
If only we could have Google sit next to us during exams. Unfortunately, we all have to spend time going over and over course material and it can... Read More»
Welcome to School in blocks
Laureen, Queen's Square | May 2, 2018
Starting school is a very exciting time for children. It can be a bit stressful too. Idea Exchange is here to help with that. Kindergarten Bootcamp... Read More»
open cookbook and ingredients on cutting board
Shaun, Hespeler | May 2, 2018
When I was young, life circumstances left me suddenly at the mercy of my father’s cooking. Those were some dark times I tell you – at the worst of it... Read More»