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Study for “Protogon Shift” (triptych), 2014, acrylic paint on stretched linen. Andrew James Smith.
Andrew James Smith | July 11, 2017
Two pieces of artwork based on a spiral I discovered were shown in Seattle, Washington at the 2016 Joint Mathematics Meetings. There, they caught the... Read More»
woman with virtual reality headset
Programs + Events | July 3, 2017
Summer has arrived! It’s time to kick back, relax, and enjoy some amazing programming at your local Idea Exchange. While you might be slowing down... Read More»
3D yoda
Phil, Queen's Square | July 3, 2017
The future is now! No longer the stuff of science fiction, 3D printing is being used for more exciting real world applications than ever before. New... Read More»
tug of war
Kids, Idea Exchange | July 3, 2017
Get ready to celebrate at Idea Exchange this summer! Join the two-time national award winning TD Summer Reading Club at your nearest location... Read More»
Teen Summer Programs Hogwarts
Patricia, Clemens Mill | July 3, 2017
Idea Exchange is offering some great activities this summer at each of our locations!! For the month of July check out the following: At our Preston... Read More»
people with books
Carroll, Queen's Square | July 3, 2017
We all know that reading books can evoke strong emotions. Sometimes a book grabs us and doesn’t let go, even long after we have turned the last page... Read More»
Sons of Anarchy cover syndetics
Leah, Queen's Square | July 3, 2017
You know those times when an actor seems, all of a sudden, to be EVERYWHERE?! 2017 is definitely going to be the year of Charlie Hunnam. Most of you... Read More»
old photos
Jessica, Preston | July 3, 2017
Every family has secrets. If you dig around in your family history, you’re bound to discover something scandalous. Hidden children, disappearing... Read More»
reading on the beach
Susan, Hespeler | July 3, 2017
Summer is often a time to evaluate our “To Be Read” list and explore new authors, new genres and new ideas. This year I’m going to visit new works by... Read More»
Idea Exchange, Preston | July 1, 2017
Oh how our garden grows! In the summer of 2015, staff and members of the Preston community planted a vegetable, herb and pollinator (flower) garden... Read More»