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Photo of Sue Sturdy and two Big Weave artists
Idea Exchange | April 5, 2014
DESIGN, CREATE, and DISCOVER TEXTILE ART with the BIG Weave Community Art Project Thread your way into the BIG Weave summer art project. Local artist... Read More»
The Black Bridge Road Bridge. Photo credit: Region of Waterloo
Linda F. | April 1, 2014
Surely spring will come soon, with warm weather that makes you want to be outside and doing some exploring. Even if you haven’t got time to travel... Read More»
Taj Mahal at sunrise
Ruth, Preston | March 28, 2014
My friend and I are great travel partners and have explored many different destinations in North America. Occasionally we go for an adventure; this... Read More»
Pirate treasure chest
Leah M. | March 21, 2014
Are the winter blues getting you down? Then it’s time to get some excitement and take a journey back in time to the swashbuckling days of blood-... Read More»
Table top with vegan cooking ingredients
Angela, Hespeler | March 16, 2014
Last Thanksgiving, my daughter told me she was bringing home her roommate from university.  I was planning a festive Thanksgiving dinner, that is,... Read More»
Intaglio, sfumato, anime and juxtaposition
Idea Exchange | March 12, 2014
Lifelong learning. Self-expression. Creation. Did you know Idea Exchange offers classes with professional artists? From printmaking to comic book... Read More»
Hand holding smart phone with e-mail message
Idea Exchange | March 2, 2014
Having trouble keeping track of when things are due?   Find yourself paying overdue fines because you lose track of the days?   Idea Exchange has... Read More»
The Salon of Madame Aron by Édouard Vuillard
Meredith C. | February 19, 2014
A new federally funded pilot program is taking a look at paintings from six Canadian institutions (including the Royal Ontario Museum and the... Read More»
Sepia coloured picture of men with shovels
Cathy, Queen's Square | February 14, 2014
When I moved to Cambridge eighteen years ago it felt a bit like coming home.  My father had lived in Galt when he was a young boy and had shared many... Read More»
Musical instruments
Teens | February 13, 2014
It seemed like Pete Seeger had been around forever.  Certainly the songs he sung were timeless. His career spanned from the Great Depression to this... Read More»