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Robert, art aficianado
Robert, Queen's Square | November 24, 2011
Being on staff at Idea Exchange fulfills two important interests: books and art. I’m an avid reader, and have always enjoyed learning about how... Read More»
Marylu, bookworm
Marylu, Queen's Square | November 11, 2011
If I’m ever asked, what are your favorite hobbies, the answer is reading, reading and reading. I find it very hard to say what my favorite books are... Read More»
Anne, Library concierge
Anne, Queen's Square | November 7, 2011
My 23 years of working at the Queen’s Square branch, have included working at the Circulation Desk and for the last 5 years, the Reception Desk. Now... Read More»
Iga, Kurator
Iga, Queen's Square and Preston | October 31, 2011
I work for the gallery, two in fact, Queen’s Square and Preston. Yes, those two rooms across the hall from the all the books are galleries.  You don’... Read More»
Angela, literary slugger
Angela, Hespeler | October 17, 2011
Sometimes, what seems to be the worst time of your life turns out to be the best! A few years ago, in a fundraising softball game with Kitchener... Read More»
Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks book cover, Image courtesy of Syndetics, 2016
Idea Exchange | October 14, 2011
Sick of vampires? Totally over werewolves? Wanna say “Get lost Fangbreath!” or “So long Furface!”? Well you’re in luck because zombies are the next... Read More»
Photo of 10 year old Max up a tree with his computer
Betty, Queen's Square | October 13, 2011
10 year old Max is brushing up on his German, using Mango’s free online language learning program. “Max started with German for kids, but found it so... Read More»
Patricia, teen librarian
Patricia, Clemens Mill | October 7, 2011
Lifelong learning is my raison d’etre. It’s part of who I am and how I live my life. The desire to know, learn and grow. The desire to ask hard... Read More»
Leah, our book pusher
Leah, Queen's Square | October 3, 2011
Uh-oh, what do I want to say about myself? Well you may know me as that friendly woman on the Fiction floor with the big curls and the crazy earrings... Read More»
Sandra, community connector
Sandra, Queen's Square | September 23, 2011
My Life is my passion & my community is my life   Life is not about taking a comfortable seat and simply observing - it’s about jumping in,... Read More»