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Recipe cards in box
Idea Exchange | February 1, 2014
Are you always on the lookout for new recipes?  Are cookbooks your bedtime reading of choice?  Do you linger over spices in the grocery store? Do you... Read More»
Beacon. Lyn Carter
Idea Exchange | January 30, 2014
In 2012 Canadian Art Foundation released a great short film about Canadian artists working in textiles.  It was created by Canadian Art School which... Read More»
Image from the Patria Cycle. Photo: Peter Ross
Esther E. Shipman | January 21, 2014
Design = Everything. From the most banal object to the most sophisticated technology. Ideas, materials, processes, systems, things. Design impacts... Read More»
Boy playing guitar (close-up)
Kids | January 21, 2014
Drums, guitars, and a keyboard at Idea Exchange?  Absolutely!  Explore your creative side and make music. Visit Clemens Mill Idea Exchange and have... Read More»
Photo of Main street bridge wrapped in colour knits: knit CamBRIDGE, September 2010
Joe L. | January 20, 2014
It was on Friday August 27 2004 that I first came the Cambridge Galleries as a member of the Press, it was the opening of  Fibreworks 2004 and I was... Read More»
Ryerson Student Centre, Toronto, Canada, currently under construction. Design by Snøhetta (2010), project architect Zeidler Partnership Architects.
Esther E. Shipman | January 17, 2014
Ryerson University has chosen to make a bold architectural statement with its new Student Learning Centre.  The building designed by international... Read More»
 Ai Weiwei headshot. Photo: Jonathan Browning / Rex Features.
Leah M. | January 15, 2014
It seems like Ai Weiwei was born to be a political activist and an artist. Why? Did he always have that feeling inside him, that burning passion, or... Read More»
Cover of book entitled: Provenance: how a con man and a forger rewrote the history of modern art
Zlata H. | January 13, 2014
Investigative journalists Laney Salisbury and Aly Sujo expertly and engagingly open the door to the sinister side of the art world.   The main... Read More»
Man snowboarding
Phil, Queen's Square | January 11, 2014
Winter can be a difficult for many. Its cold, it gets dark early and sometimes it’s slippy out too. But once spring rolls around and I step on the... Read More»
George Orwell's 1984 BookBench
Meredith C. | January 10, 2014
Have a seat on a good book! This summer, the city of London, England is undergoing a public art project that celebrates literature through art. Books... Read More»