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boy with hand over mouth
Nicole, Queen's Square | March 6, 2017
I’ve been blessed with two wonderful, picky children. While both of my boys have displayed their own unique issues regarding food, they have one... Read More»
crying baby
Nicole, Queen's Square | February 3, 2017
It’s a new year, which means that this is a PERFECT time to actually, finally, definitely-doing-it-this-time, sleep train your little night owl. I... Read More»
Family playing games
Kids, Queen's Square | February 1, 2017
Sometimes the best way to engage in literacy and learning activities at home or at our Idea Exchange locations is to play games! Games can instill... Read More»
child reading in a forest
Tina, Preston | February 1, 2017
The 2017 nominees for the Forest of Reading are out! It is Canada’s largest recreational reading program that encourages a love of books. Idea... Read More»
Beauty and the Beast
Tina, Preston | December 1, 2016
I love reading and I love watching movies! So of course my favourite thing is watching movies based on books that I have already read. Well, to be... Read More»
Beth, Preston | November 1, 2016
These days my three-year old daughter is fascinated by fairies, dragons, unicorns, and mermaids.  As she explores the world of magic in stories, I’ve... Read More»
Child with face on plate
Pam, Hespeler | November 1, 2016
Parents of picky eaters unite!  What do you do with a picky eater? As a parent of a picky eater I am always looking for ingenious ways to get fruits... Read More»
Fall clock
Laureen, Queen's Square | November 1, 2016
Time to change our clocks! Why do we do this? Daylight Saving Time is a time cycle that starts in the early spring when you set your clocks ahead one... Read More»
Edmund Unravels
Laureen, Queen's Square | September 1, 2016
Let’s Read is a Waterloo Region-wide program that encourages families to read together. Each year, a different book is selected for families across... Read More»
Child reading
Tina, Preston | August 2, 2016
I love cats! My new favourite one is named Pete. He’s very cool and gets into lots of fun adventures. You may have heard about him – there are a lot... Read More»