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woman with movie clapper
Jessica, Preston | May 1, 2017
Authors get a lot of perks: these are people who get to work in their PJ’s, after all. The best perk of all — even better than the PJ thing — is... Read More»
women and electricity
Susan, Hespeler | May 1, 2017
The Women's Prize for Fiction was established in the early nineties by a group who believed female authors were often overlooked for major literary... Read More»
girl with hand on head
Leah, Queen's Square | May 1, 2017
I consider myself a well-educated, smart person with a good job where I deal with the public. So why can’t I stop saying things like “um” and “like”... Read More»
conductor's hands
Phil, Queen's Square | May 1, 2017
If you’re a fan of classical music, have you taken a deeper look at Freegal? Every year end, there are many lists of the best classical music from... Read More»
Cambridge Third Age Learning: Building Community
Programs + Events | April 27, 2017
We’ve said goodbye to April showers and hello to May flowers! A new month brings a whole new crop of programs and events at Idea Exchange. Read on... Read More»
walking across a stream in spring
Phil, Queen's Square | April 2, 2017
Sometimes it seems like you can’t go out for a simple walk anymore. With all the data tracking options available, if you’re not measuring every... Read More»
movie popcorn and glasses
Jessica, Queen’s Square | April 2, 2017
I love going to the movies.  There’s nothing better than completely immersing yourself in another world and escaping the humdrum of daily life. ... Read More»
Unbelievably UnPlugged
Programs + Events | March 29, 2017
Time to cue the April showers, and with them, a new month’s worth of programs and events at Idea Exchange! Read on for a few highlights. Warm up your... Read More»
The Brush Off Junior
Programs + Events | March 1, 2017
March is here which means spring is just around the corner! Check out the many spring-inspired events happening at Idea Exchange this month to get... Read More»
hobbit homes
Susan, Hespeler | March 1, 2017
Following a family dinner a few weeks ago, the conversation turned towards one of our favourite (and least-controversial) topics: books. If we had to... Read More»