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Mya Kidson | March 31, 2017
In honour of National Poetry Month, hear Mya read her poem aloud: Loading the player...   A Lie Something we are all capable of doing. Something... Read More»
Mya Kidson | March 24, 2017
The Flower of Luck A boy, Stressed about exams and what he’s going to do in his future. On his way home from school, He sees something on the... Read More»
Mya Kidson | March 16, 2017
Lost in dance The sand moved under her feet with every leap she took She made imprints in the sand Marking trails in the sand Spinning around... Read More»
Mya Kidson | March 10, 2017
Ode to the Night Sky Oh starry night, How powerful the stars shine, Twinkling brighter than the moon. Oh starry night, How beautiful the dusk... Read More»
Mya Kidson | March 3, 2017
The Hidden Ones Does your pulse quicken When you pass those ghouls that haunt the street Does your pace quicken Do you walk a little faster?... Read More»
Mya Kidson | February 10, 2017
I have always been a fan of history and volunteering. Museums spark my interest, but recently I wanted to go behind visitor walls and be a part of... Read More»
four seasons
Mya | February 1, 2017
A white blanket covers the branches, Outlining the roofs, A white carpet conceals the ground And white dogs disappear out of sight Winter has... Read More»
Mya | February 1, 2017
Whenever people ask me “what are your hobbies” and I say “well… I have my own business” they look extremely surprised. It is surreal for me, at 16... Read More»
The body
Mya | December 20, 2016
The body, extraordinary and living. It’s a system of teamwork, all working together to make the body function as a whole. The brain, the leader... Read More»
The hitchhiker
Mya | December 20, 2016
It was dark and ominous. The roadway was foggy but the broken line in the middle of it was still visible to the human eye. On a night like this, I... Read More»