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Introducing the Wacom Intuos Art Tablet


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Meghan, Queen's Square | March 1, 2018

If you’re interested in illustration, photography or graphic design, you’re going to love the new Wacom Intuos Art tablet available for use at our Queen’s Square location.

You can sketch directly onto the tablet with the stylus accessory, a digital pen that allows for a wide range of expressive drawing techniques. The stylus’ shape and pressure sensitivity is a vast improvement over drawing with a clunky mouse, especially for those who are accustomed to using pencils to doodle into a sketchbook.  

Digital drawing saves time and paper too. No more crumpled balls of paper in the waste bin. No more eraser marks clouding your page. You can sketch to your heart’s content, then retain and rework your best images, all without those tell-tale smears of graphite on the sides of your hands. Alternatively, the stylus allows you to sign documents digitally or perform detailed retouches to a pre-existing image with great delicacy and precision. This makes it a favourite for editing photographs or character meshes in 3D animation and sculpture.

Ready to get started? Take one of our introductory courses or try it out on your own. The Wacom Intuos Art tablet is stationed at Computer #10 on the main floor of the Queen’s Square branch. Book this computer station, then borrow the special stylus accessory required for drawing on the tablet at the Member’s Services Desk, using your Idea Exchange membership card. With the stylus in hand, you’re ready to get started making art! Try it out and discover how quickly you can turn your drawings into beautiful and endlessly shareable digital masterpieces.