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Jennifer, Clemens Mill | November 7, 2017

One of my favourite gifts that I've ever received was in a gift exchange at school. I was handed a little box, and when I lifted the lid I found two tiny knitted bells, one green, one white. They had a pin so that I could attach them to my sweater. Even then, I knew how special this was. Someone had made these, especially for me, with their own hands. I loved that, and to this day I always get the same feeling when someone gives me something that they have made themselves.

This Christmas season, think outside the gift card, about things you can make for the special people on your list. It doesn't have to be perfect, in fact, I think it's almost better when it isn't perfect, because it shows the effort and the perseverance that went into it.

People love getting baked goods for Christmas. Bake a double or triple batch of chocolate chip cookies with Christmas M&Ms and give them to your neighbours. Or whip up a batch of Bits and Bites or granola and give it to people in pretty jars or tins. Check out these books for more homemade gift ideas from the kitchen.

If you are good with a needle and thread, make some change purses, coasters or tea cozies. Or knit a scarf or a hat for someone wrapped up with a jar of hot chocolate mix. Find ideas for handmade gifts here.

Have a look at our Maker Kit Collection at the Clemens Mill location, and you might find something you'd like to try. We have kits to get you started with arts and crafts such as knitting, crochet, card making, and candle making, to name a few. Also plan to attend our DIY Beauty event and our Night Out: Winter Hand-Tied Bouquet.

If you start now, you'll have plenty of time to make something sweet and thoughtful for everyone on your list.

Happy Crafting!

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