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  • Hespeler's Meccanoid Robot
    Hespeler's Meccanoid Robot

Susan, Hespeler | March 1, 2017

There’s a new addition at Idea Exchange Hespeler — our robot, Meccanoid! Meccanoid is all ready to show you what he can do. He’s already programmed to shake hands, tell you a joke, or show you his kung fu moves.

But there’s more; LIM (Learned Intelligent Movement) programming allows you to pose Meccanoid's limbs however you want them and record those positions in a sequence, as well as storing sounds. So you can even teach him your favourite dance! And the Meccanoid app connects him to your phone, offering two control methods: Motion Capture and Ragdoll.

There’s really no end to what you can do with Meccanoid, and people of all ages are discovering how charming he can be!

Meccanoid G15KS