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Benjue Meditation

Wednesdays, July 12 - August 16, 2017, 6:30 - 8:00pm
435 King Street East, Cambridge, ON
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Benjue is a type of mindful meditation using movement of the body to generate self-awareness.

Participants are suggested to bring a notebook and pen to the class. 

Di Tang is an artist and a meditation teacher, teaching meditation classes in China and Canada. He has been practicing different types of Buddhist meditation for over 25 years, mainly in Zen as well in the Theravada Vipassana tradition.

Di was trained in intensive Mahasati meditation retreats in China under the guidance of Thai meditation master Luangpor Thong. He introduced Mahasati meditation to a few major Chinese Zen monasteries in 2012, now annual Mahasati meditation retreats have become a routine in these Chinese Zen monasteries.

In 2014 he introduced Mahasati meditation to Canada for the first time and set up the first and only online Mahasati meditation meetup group.

Di taught the first-ever Mahasati meditation class series in Canada in May 2015, co-sponsored with Toronto Public Library. Since Idea Exchange received such a great response, this will be our second Benjue (Mahasati) meditation class with Di.


Online: Please note an email address is required for online registration.

By Phone: 519.653.3632

In person: Visit any Idea Exchange location to register.


$8.85 + HST


For more information, call 519.653.3632 or ask us online.


Benjue Meditation