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My Story: The Documents Never Lie

August 23, 2017, 2:00 – 3:00pm
435 King Street East, Cambridge, ON
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Despite what you tell your children, more than one official record exists to prove what really happened (or The Documents Never Lie)

Family lore relates that Robert Brydon and Margaret Armstrong (parents of the stalwart Brydons) married in Scotland before emigrating to Galt in 1841 with their infant son Francis. Robert’s sudden death in 1866, without a will, changed the course of his family’s history and Margaret’s subsequent petition for guardianship of her younger children’s interests suggests that Robert was not Francis’ father.  A subsequent hunt for evidence turned up a variety of documents which proved Robert lived in Galt, as a single man, during the 1830s, before Margaret’s reported arrival. This talk will lay out the evidence compiled to appease the skeptics, and tell the story of the Brydons’ life in North Dumfries on lots s2w, Conc VII and s3w, Conc VIII.

About the speaker, Dianne Brydon:

Dianne Brydon and her father James Brydon, PhD, recently published their family history The Stalwart Brydons: From Scotland to Galt to Portage la Prairie, A Family History of 100 Years in Canada.  Jim began the research over 30 years ago before the web or digitization made hunting down documents easy. When Dianne retired in 2013 from her job overseeing public outreach on Parliament Hill, Jim asked Dianne to put her MA in Historical Geography to use and help him finish the book. Dianne subsequently found documentary evidence that refuted many of the stories in family lore and fleshed out others that were unknown. 

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