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Poetry - The Best Ever!


Poems about real life that provoke immediate reactions and make you think.

Rosen, Kim
Saved by a poem

"Featuring the voices of well-known authors reading a favorite poem and discussing its personal significance"

Angelou, Maya.
The complete poetry

Maya Angelou's poetry mirrors her life: brave, imaginative, and wise.  This multi-talented woman died in 2014, and it is good to have a book of poems that covers her entire lifespan.

Munro, Jane
Blue Sonoma

Winner of the 2015 Griffin Prize for Poetry, which draws on the crossing of the author's partner into dementia.

Orr, David
The road not taken

Reflections on one of the best-beloved poems on this side of the Atlantic and how it is often misinterpreted.

Favourite love poems

Love poetry is the most popular subject for poetry, and this collection that contrasts older, classic poems with more modern ones sheds light on both.

Powers, Kevin.
Letter composed during a lull in the fighting

Poems composed by a veteran of a war that has produced very little poetry, the Iraq war.

Nepo, Mark.
Reduced to joy

Good poems for meditation, for regrouping and seeing life in its positive aspects.

She walks in beauty

Caroline Kennedy has edited several books, but this is my favorite.  The poems are grouped by subjects such as: Falling in love, Silence and solitude, Growing up and growing old, and Friendship.  There is a good mixture of old and new poems, with some exceptional unfamiliar poems to make this collection a real treat.



Essential pleasures

A great collection of poems chosen for the way they sound when read aloud. It's a diverse collection, some old, some new, some favorites, some unfamiliar, but a former U.S. poet laureate sure knows how to choose them. Pinsky is an excellent reader, too: the accompanying CD is definitely worth a listen.

Jalal al-Din Rumi

The mystical poems of a 13th-century Sufi may be the most read poetry in American today.  Read them and find out why.

Silverstein, Shel.
Where the sidewalk ends

This book is shelved in the Children's section, but the poems and the pictures appeal to all ages.

Shakur, Tupac
The rose that grew from concrete

Real life poetry that provokes an immediate reaction, but also makes you stop and think.

World poetry

Expand your horizons with 4,000 years worth of poetry from all over the globe and glory in it!

The making of a poem

Mark Strand begins with a poem that has resonated with him when he first read it, and then we're off reading through the history of poetry forms: sestinas,sonnets, free verse, and more. The book is filled with many historical works as well as some relatively contemporary poems as well. Very enjoyable and informative. Phil (Queen's Square Library)

Morning song

A collection of poems focused on the themes of new parenthood and newborn infants, including works by Sylvia Plath, Dylan Thomas, and Alice Walker.