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Family Secrets and Lies


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Jessica, Preston | July 3, 2017

Every family has secrets. If you dig around in your family history, you’re bound to discover something scandalous. Hidden children, disappearing husbands, and double lives are not as uncommon as you might think. 

Author Wayne Grady discovered a doozy of a secret when he decided to research his own family history. According to his blog, Grady began his research at the Windsor Public Library in 1995. He had no problem locating his great-grandparents in old census records, but the records told a much different story than he had expected. His discovery provided the inspiration for his debut novel, Emancipation Day, this year’s One Book One Community selection.

Emancipation Day is the story of Windsor-born jazz musician, Jack Lewis. Handsome and mysterious, he marries a local girl while stationed in Newfoundland at the end of WWII. His young bride, Vivian is eager to learn about her new husband, but Jack is unforthcoming about his past. When Jack finally does introduce her to his family, his carefully-concealed secrets begin to come to light.

Hear Wayne Grady speak at the One Book One Community Meet-the-Author event on September 28th at Trillium United Church. Discuss the book with your friends and family, or join us as we discuss Emancipation Day at our September book club meetings. You might also enjoy Grady’s other work, as well as our Emancipation Day booklist.

If you’re interested in uncovering family secrets of your own, we have some great genealogical resources to get you started. Begin your research with Ancestry Library Edition (available in the library only) or join us for our Ancestry for Beginners tutorial on July 24th.

Family history investigators and local history enthusiasts will also appreciate My Story: The Documents Never Lie on August 23rd. In this talk, author Dianne Brydon will discuss how her research for The Stalwart Brydons uncovered a secret which completely refuted Brydon family lore.

Join us this summer in celebrating Emancipation Day and the wonders of uncovering your family’s past. You just might discover a family secret of your own!