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Lina, Preston | June 1, 2017

Growing up I loved reading Historical Romances by two of my favourite authors Georgette Heyer and Barbara Cartland. They wrote with great detail about the aristocracy and the “season” where our main characters fell in love by a look or a touch of a hand. The plots were improbable and twisted and fun and so tame.

Life got in the way and I didn’t read Historical Romances for close to 25 years. While perusing a professional journal, I came across a review of a high demand Historical Romance and decided to re-enter this world. I was in for a great surprise!  Unlike Heyer and Cartland,  these new authors not only write on subjects that were once taboo but write some very detailed hot and steamy love scenes! I also found that these authors write in a series and this is so delightful. I love getting involved with the characters and then seeing them reappear in other titles. It just develops their characters more fully.

The new hero is strong and most times emotionally damaged. The new heroine is feisty but compassionate. Once they meet passion explodes! They often engage in wanton behaviour before marriage. There are extended and descriptive and earthy love scenes, where bodices are being ripped and the lover’s loins are engorged. They lose control over their emotions as passion rules.

In the Maiden Lane series by Elizabeth Hoyt, some of the topics interspersed within the love story are: exploitation of children, poverty, gin mills, vigilantism, orphans, cults, pirating, loss, diseases. She also discusses War and PTSD and how it affects our heroes in Legend of the Four Soldiers.

The Company of Rogues series by Jo Beverley  explores the strong friendship of a group of men who support each other and their chosen love through drug addiction, spying, domestic violence, kidnapping and other nefarious deeds. 

On a lighter note Lisa Kleypas, writes about cultural differences, advance of technology and unexpected inheritance in the Hathaways, Ravenels and the Wallflowers series. 

Wicked Intentions book cover Too Dangerous for a Lady book coverMine Till Midnight book cover

All of these authors skillfully give the reader a history lesson while essentially writing a hot and often poignant love story. These authors are just a few that I have recently read.  There are so many more to explore.

Come and escape with me and explore what I like to call Hot Historical Romances.