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Leah’s Lowdown: Why Hello Charlie Hunnam!


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Leah, Queen's Square | July 3, 2017

You know those times when an actor seems, all of a sudden, to be EVERYWHERE?! 2017 is definitely going to be the year of Charlie Hunnam. Most of you probably know him from playing biker Jax Teller on Sons of Anarchy. Or if you have a really good memory, you may remember a really young Charlie from the UK version of Queer as Folk.

Maybe it’s good that a scheduling conflict kept him from playing Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey because then he might have been typecast. For someone so attractive, it would also be easy to coast on his looks, but he’s getting rave reviews (88% fresh on for the challenging role of a real life British explorer who discovers a lost civilization in The Lost City of Z. And I can’t wait to see him as King Arthur in the action and adventure-filled film of the same name. Towards the end of the year, he’s starring in a remake of the classic Steve McQueen film Papillon.

You have to love someone who cares about the world and is fearless, talented, and kinda saucy. Hopefully we’ll continue to see great performances from Charlie, but here are some fun facts about him to keep you interested!

  • He married his ex-wife after only knowing her for three weeks.
  • On New Year’s Eve, he goes to sleep early, wakes up early and hikes to watch the sunrise.
  • He brought his own eggs to the Sons of Anarchy set because their “eggs are from Monsanto. Mine are from a farm down the road.”
  • He gave up eating fish for 18 months after seeing the documentary End of the Line about overfishing.
  • He turned down the part of Thor!
  • He was drunk and cheeky in a shoe store while shopping on Christmas Eve when he was “discovered”.

These facts come from Men’s Health and Pop Sugar but consider yourself warned because Charlie does swear in these articles so read at your own risk! I’ll leave you with my favourite one from Popsugar:

“When it comes to feeling pressured to be fit, Charlie once blamed Brad Pitt, saying, "F*@!ing Brad Pitt ruined it for everyone. After Fight Club, the expectation of what a dude is supposed to look like when he takes off his shirt is just so high."