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Retro Gaming is coming to Idea Exchange! To get in the spirit, check out this video on the evolution of Nintendo.

Nintendo's Evolution

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Teens, Idea Exchange | August 1, 2017
Follow us on Instagram @ideaXchallenge and take the #IEXchallenge until August 19th, 2017! DO IT! MAKE IT! SNAP IT! We are halfway through our summer... Read More»
retro tech
Lee, Clemens Mill | August 1, 2017
Retro Gaming, Old School Gaming, Classic Gaming; who doesn’t love revisiting the nostalgia and simplicity of the video game industry’s early days? I... Read More»
Teens using virtual reality tiltbrush
Mya Kidson | July 24, 2017
EVENTS! EVENTS! EVENTS! Are you stumped on what to do this summer? Sometimes planning those summer getaways can be hard. Plus, it’s even harder when... Read More»

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