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    The body

Mya | December 20, 2016

The body,
extraordinary and living.
It’s a system of teamwork,
all working together to make the body function as a whole.
The brain, the leader,
tells every joint, muscle, organ,
what to do.
The heart,
the caregiver,
who watches over the body,
and becomes the organ who others can trust.
Muscles, bones, and blood,
the connectors,
who support the body.
Cells, the fighters,
who protect the body from its worst enemies.
Lungs, the relaxer,
makes the body inhale…. Exhale….inhale when stressed.
The body, although efficient and amazing, it becomes apparent that problems occur.
Without one aspect, the rest fall short.
Brain tumor,
the body is unsure of what to do.
Heart attack,
no caregiver to deliver blood to the rest of the body.
Muscular dystrophy, osteoporosis, and leukemia,
send the body into a state of weakness and separation.
Autoimmune disorder,
cells attacking cells,
and fighting off their own.

The body can do amazing things,
but if not working together,
disastrous things are bound to come.