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The Flower of Luck


e-Writer in Residence

Mya Kidson | March 24, 2017

The Flower of Luck
A boy,
Stressed about exams and what he’s going to do in his future.
On his way home from school,
He sees something on the ground.
It has a green stem,
And pink petals.
A flower,
So precariously placed.
But why?
Is it a token of remembrance for somebody?
Is it a gift for somebody?
All he knows is that it doesn’t belong.
He picks it up to examine it,
But places it back down from where he had found it
A petal breaks off and lands on his math textbook
Months later he graduates with the best marks in his grade

A woman, in her 40’s,
Bags under her eyes,
Walking home from work that she used to have,
Prior to being fired.
She stumbles across a flower and picks it up.
The beauty shines through it and cheers her up a bit.
The flower with 4 out of 5 petals is placed back down on the ground
However one petal breaks of and falls into her purse.
Later she gets a job.

A man walks home from the hospital,
His wife is bedridden due to cancer,
And doctors say it’s unlikely that she will live much longer.
He comes upon the flower.
It reminds him of,
His wifes favourite flower.
He kisses one of the petals and a tear rolls down his cheek.
He sets it back down and a petal breaks off landing in his chest pocket.
On the way back to see his wife, doctors share great news.
His wife is in remission.

A woman in her 20’s finds out she is pregnant,
But her boyfriend leaves her.
She finds the flower on her way home from the ultrasound clinic.
Holding her ultrasound in one hand,
And the two petaled flower in the other,
She decides to name her baby Daisy.
She sets down the flower and petal sticks to her pant leg.
Weeks later she meets a guy and they connect instantly.
Months later, she successfully delivers Daisy with her new boyfriend by her side.

A man kicked out of his home and forced to live on the streets walks down the sidewalk.
Looking down he comes across a flower with one petal.
This flower reminds him of himself.
Although he has lost almost everything,
His home, family, and life,
He still holds onto hope that something will come to benefit him later on.
He holds onto the flower and walks on his way.
Just down the road he comes across a lottery ticket.
In disbelief he picks it up with trembling hands,
His future could be in his hands.
He takes it to the corner store and it turns out he has won big,
Ten million to be exact.
He places the flower down on the sidewalk outside the store,
To pay it forward to the next person in need.