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The Hitchhiker


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  • The hitchhiker
    The hitchhiker

Mya | December 20, 2016

It was dark and ominous. The roadway was foggy but the broken line in the middle of it was still visible to the human eye. On a night like this, I see things, things that are a figment of my imagination. However, in the next few moments of my life it would all feel so real to me, making me unable to distinguish real from fake.

Driving down the road I saw a figure. The more time elapsed, the closer I became to it. When it neared, my heart rate increased faster than ever before. Eventually I was metres from it. In the fog-filled road ahead the black silhouette seemed to follow the movement of my car. Although I could not make out the creature’s eyes, it seemed to stare intently into my soul.

I made out a human in the distance, but I didn’t quite know, for it could have been Bigfoot. Moments later the shadow figure was adjacent to my passenger side door. I was close enough to tell that is wasn't Bigfoot but actually a man. His arm was extended and his thumb was up. He was a hitchhiker.

I stopped a couple metres away and in my rearview mirror I could see him making his way slowly towards the car. Opening the door, a gust of wind was directed my way; it was a muggy night and rather unusual for a breezeless evening.

He sat in the passenger seat and looked at me as though he was guilty, but at the same time thankful. His clothes were tattered and long hair framed his face which was covered by scruff. His skin tone was a ghostly pale, with a blueish look that corpses displayed.

I asked him where he needed to go but he just pointed straight ahead. So I drove on until we reached a dead end at the edge of a cliff. He gestured to stop and so I did. Nodding thanks he got out of the car and pulled a letter from his back pocket, handing it to me. Before I had time to say something or open the letter he had vanished into the distance…

Now it’s up to you to finish this story. What did the letter say? Who was the mysterious man, and where was he going?  


Mya Kidson