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Lost In Dance


e-Writer in Residence

Mya Kidson | March 16, 2017

Lost in dance
The sand moved under her feet with every leap she took
She made imprints in the sand
Marking trails in the sand
Spinning around what seemed like forever
The music just got to her like that
Breaking into dance every time she heard a beat
Her rhythm, so in sync with the ocean waves
Her grace like the gulls gliding in the sky

People stopped to gawk
Fascinated by her moves
So choreographed like it was intentional
She was lost in the dance moves unaware of the fans cheering her on
She danced on forever
And never seemed to get tired

The crowd increased
And she danced on
Until sunset,
And sunrise.
But still people stayed, watching until she dropped,
But she never did.
All of a sudden her music stopped,
And she stopped,
Finally coming back to reality.
She looked at the crowd questioning,
Why everyone was looking at her.
They all cheered,
And left, walking back down the length of the beach.
And she,
Well she turned on her music and started to dance some more.