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  • four seasons

Mya | February 1, 2017

A white blanket covers the branches,
Outlining the roofs,
A white carpet conceals the ground
And white dogs disappear out of sight
Winter has finally approached
Santas start to appear in store windows
Gifts galore and crowds reside in malls
To steal a deal from walmart
Lights adorn the night sky
Christmas comes and goes in the blink of an eye

The blanket starts to melt
Changing from the colour white to brown
Uncovering the green grass and flowers abloom
Trees blossom and birds arrive to make their nests
New life is forming and spring has sprung

The sun shines bright
Hot enough to cause heat stroke
Bees buzz pestering kids for a sip of their pop
Beaches swarm with swimmers like ant colonies
The summer fun does not last long

Soon it’s back to school
Back to work for everyone
Start of new friendships
And new routines
Trees become chameleons
Changing colour to the changing weather
And soon as the cold weather permits,
the trees shed their coats like snakes
The arrival of Autumn is greeted with Pumpkin spice lattes

Eventually houses compete to be the most grotesque and eerie on the block
Costumes hang on store racks waiting to be picked
Firefighter or policeman
The decision of a lifetime
Children wait for the end of October when they can fill pillowcases with candy
Parents dread the cavities that await

Once it’s all over
The blanket of snow starts again,
Followed by new life,
The burning sun,
And the falling leaves.
Seasons change,
And so do the people that live to see them.