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Starting a Small Business


e-Writer in Residence

Mya | February 1, 2017

Whenever people ask me “what are your hobbies” and I say “well… I have my own business” they look extremely surprised. It is surreal for me, at 16 years old to have my own business. I am the owner of Plaid Pooch, and I make dog collars and leashes out of 100% recycled textiles. With every purchase, 1$ is donated to the Humane Society.

It all started as a careers class entrepreneurial project, we had to come up with an environmentally sustainable business idea. My idea integrated my love for sewing, dogs, and thrifting for clothes.

With my dog Cooper by my side, I created a prototype collar and presented my business model to the class. The teacher loved the idea and the prototype and encouraged me to pursue the business. Since June 2016 the company has been developing. I now have my collars available at two stores; Clover and Chrysalis, and Second Star to the Right, and Cooper continues to model for Plaid Pooch Facebook and Instagram. It has been a fun journey as I continue to grow and learn from my business experience.

I encourage you to go for the gold wherever it may present itself. You never know where determination can lead you.