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e-Writer in Residence

Mya Kidson | February 10, 2017

I have always been a fan of history and volunteering. Museums spark my interest, but recently I wanted to go behind visitor walls and be a part of the team that makes everything happen. I emailed Waterloo Region Museum regarding historical interpreter positions within Doon Heritage Village. Although they didn’t have any available positions they recommended I contact Woodside because they were in need of volunteers. I emailed and began to volunteer on the second Saturday of October and it was amazing! I learned lots about the former home of young William Lyon Mackenzie King (Canada’s 10th Prime Minister) and his family. I became a costumed interpreter and was usually stationed in the kitchen where I baked shortbread in the woodstove, learned how to embroider, made pomanders, and taught people Christmas games at their Lamplight event. Over the past three months I have become part of the Woodside family. Prior to volunteering I had no idea this hidden gem existed. This year the turnout of visitors was minimal, perhaps this is because nobody hears about it. The next time you’re in Kitchener through the months of October to December, I encourage you to go and experience what Woodside has to offer. Maybe you’ll learn something new about Canada’s history, and maybe you’ll possibly see me baking up a storm in the Woodside kitchen.