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Party & Program Volunteer

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Cultivate creativity and imagination in young children and refine your own skills at the same time. Program & Party Volunteers provide assistance to instructors and staff during our exciting gallery art classes, children’s programs and birthday parties.

  • Assist programmer/instuctor in setting up program room
  • Assist children during activities under the direction of the programmer
  • Cut out, glue, assemble and organize craft components as planned by the instructor
  • Clean up after program
Time Required: As required by program or event
Commitment: Three months minimum
Schedule: As events or classes are scheduled
Location: Any location

Volunteer Qualifications

  • An understanding of appropriate and responsible behavior
  • Ability to take direction and work as a team member
  • Understanding and appreciation for creative endeavor
  • Ability to cut, paste and assemble crafts and event materials with accuracy and precision
  • Ability to recognize problems and problem solve
  • Ability to maintain a calm, soothing persona during high energy activities
  • Ability to work independently
Training & Support:

Benefits of Volunteering:

You will learn to support and guide a child in a art classroom/group setting

You will refine your mentoring skills

You will utilize your skills and abilities in an environment where they are in demand

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