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We have implemented the following service changes in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19 and to follow the provincewide requirements set out by government and health officials.

Curbside Holds Pick-up Service

Holds can be picked up curbside at locations during open hours.

Browsing of Materials

Collection browsing is unavailable. Staff assistance is available to help you select items for borrowing, simply contact us or fill out the Personalized Picks form and materials will be selected for you based on recommendations from staff.  You can still place holds on these items using the library catalogue.

Staff assistance is available over the phone or chat and we can place items on hold for you to pick up. We are here to help answer your questions or suggest something new to read, watch, or listen to. Call or email us with your questions or chat with us during open hours.

Holds can always be placed on items using the library catalogue where you can browse our collection from home, and online materials such as ebooks, eaudiobooks, movies and more can be found here.

If you are looking for help finding your next favourite story, fill out our Personalized Picks form. Materials will be selected for you based on recommendations from staff.  Board books can be placed on hold by contacting staff directly.

Material Quarantine

All possible precautions are being taken to ensure that items are safe to handle. Any items returned will be isolated for the recommended period, minimum of 24 hours, prior to being loaned out again.

Returning Materials

External drop boxes are open 24/7. Reminder notices and overdue notices will be sent out accordingly. Please return items so others can enjoy them.

If you have received a notice but you have already returned your materials, please be aware that all items remain checked out on your account for a minimum of 24 hours for a quarantine period.

Overdue Fines

2021 is fine free! Overdue fines will not be applied to print books, DVDs, magazines, video games or other materials for the remainder of the calendar year.

Loan periods

Seven (7) days have been added to loan periods. 1-day loan materials, such as new DVDs, have been extended to 14 days. These extended loan periods give you enough time to leave your materials untouched for your own quarantine period before using them.

Examples of extended loan periods:

  • 14-day loans: All DVDS (including new DVDs), music CDs, video games, and launchpads
  • 28-day loans: All Adult, Young Adult and Children’s books, magazines, books on CD, Story CDs, as well as musical instruments, puzzles, maker kits, and memory kits

Some limits to borrowing have been set:

  • Only 2 Video Games or Board Games in total per card
  • Only 20 DVDs in total per card
  • Must be 13 years of age or older to borrow DVDs and Video Games


Physical Materials

1 Day: New Adult DVDs

7 Days: Children’s DVDs, Adult older DVDs, Music CDs, Rapid Reads, and Video Games

3 Weeks: Adult and Children’s books, magazines, books on CD, and Story CDs

6 Weeks: Book Club in a Bag

There is no limit to the number of items you can borrow with your membership card, with the exception of:

  • Only 2 New DVDs + 2 Video Games per card
  • Only 20 7-day loan DVDs in total per card
  • Must be 13 years of age & older to borrow DVDs and Video Games

Loan periods for unusual stuff.

Online Materials

You can also borrow online! We have eBooks, audiobooks, video, and magazines that can be streamed or downloaded at home.
For even more access to online materials, such as online courses, journals and magazines, check out our collection of online databases.

When you check out items, you are given an official due date receipt. You can also view the date your items are due in your online account.

You are responsible for returning or renewing items on time.

Fines exceeding $15.00 will prevent borrowing. Unpaid charges of $50.00 or more may result in referral to a collection agency.

Fines can be paid in person by cash, credit or debit at all Idea Exchange locations, except Design at Riverside.

Fines can also be paid by phone by calling 519-621-0460 x115 (credit card only).

If you are late returning your items, you will be charged the following fees until they are returned:

Adult + Children’s DVDs and Video Games

  • Overdue fine: $2.00 a day
  • Maximum fine: $16.00

Adult + Children Music CDs

  • Overdue fine: $0.30 a day
  • Maximum fine: $9.00

Adult Materials

Books, Rapid Reads, Magazines, Books on CD, and Playaways:

  • Overdue fine: $0.30 a day
  • Maximum fine: $9.00 for hardcovers and CDs and $6.00 for paperbacks and magazines

Book Club in a Bag:

  • Overdue fine: $2.00 a day
  • Maximum fine: $16.00

Young Adult Materials

Books, Magazines, Books on CD, Playaways:

  • Overdue fine: $0.30 a day
  • Maximum fine: $6.00

Children’s Materials

Books + Magazines:

  • Overdue fine: $0.15 a day
  • Maximum overdue fine: $4.50 for hardcovers and $3.00 for magazines        

Books on CD, book + CD kits and Playaways:   

  • Overdue fine: $0.30 a day
  • Maximum overdue fine: $6.00

Late fees for unusual stuff.

You can renew items by:

An item cannot be renewed when the item:

  • Has been renewed 2 times
  • Is on hold for another member
  • Item does not allow renewals (New DVDs, Rapid Reads, and Book Club in a Bag)

Going on vacation and need extra time? Please speak to staff at checkout and request a due date extension with the exception of these items:

  • New materials purchased within the past six months
  • Books with holds
  • DVDs & Videos
  • Music CDs

Materials borrowed at one location may be returned to ANY of the following Idea Exchange locations: Clemens Mill, Hespeler, Preston, or Queen’s Square

After hours return slots are available for the return of all items except Book Club in a Bag and Tools. There is no after-hours drop box at the Old Post Office, and returns can only occur when the building is open.

Place a hold to have items sent to your location. Here’s how:

  • Search the online catalogue for your item, and select Hold this Title. Then, when prompted, enter your card number and select your location for pickup.
  • Email, phone, or chat with us to place the hold for you.

We will notify you either by phone, mail or by email when the item is ready for pickup.

Please note: holds cannot be picked up at the Old Post Office.

Materials that can’t be placed on hold are: new DVDs (1 day loan), board books, Rapid Read copies, reference, and Old Post Office materials.

There is a hold limit of 50 items.

Don’t see the book that you want in the Idea Exchange collection? Request it here.

You can temporarily freeze a hold and keep your place in the hold list when you are going away or otherwise unable to pick up it up. Here’s how:

In your online account, check the box in the Freeze column beside your hold and click UPDATE LIST. To Unfreeze a hold, uncheck the box and then click UPDATE.

Items that are “Available” or “Ready For Pickup” cannot be frozen.

You can select to receive an email courtesy reminder notice 3 days before an item is due.  This is not applicable for 1 day loan items and only available with email notification.

You are still responsible for returning or renewing items before the due date.

To sign up for email notifications, contact us in person, by email or phone 519.621.0460.

Report lost or stolen cards to the library immediately! That way, we can stop others from using your card. You are responsible for anything borrowed on your card until it is reported lost or stolen. Replacement library cards are $1.

Please report lost items immediately to staff. If you lose an item you will be charged the replacement cost of the item and a processing fee.

To keep a record of what you’ve borrowed, log into your online account, click on My Reading History and click Opt In.

All library materials that you sign out after you click Opt In will appear on the My Reading History screen.

If you wish to opt out of reading history, you must first delete all the items and then click the Opt Out button.


Saved searches is a feature that is unavailable through the Encore catalogue. You can view previous saved searches from your account when you sign in to your online account and select Preferred Searches.

Creating a new saved search is now only available through the Classic Catalogue. A link to the Classic Catalogue is available at the bottom of the Encore search results page.

"My Lists" lets you keep track of everything you find interesting in our catalogue. Save titles to your lists anytime you are logged in. Then at a later date, you can check the titles out or place them on hold.

To save a title to My Lists, click on the cart icon under additional actions.

Once added, the message "This item is in your bookcart" appears. You also have the option to remove it from your cart. Once finished adding items to your cart, select My Cart at the top right of the screen or view cart in the grey box. This will bring you to the My Cart page.

In the My Cart page, select Save to list. You will then be prompted to sign in to your account.

Give your list a name (description is optional) and click on Create. The item will be added to your newly created list.

To view your list(s), Sign In to your account and select My Lists.