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We have been sharing ideas with you for more than 150 years. At Idea Exchange, we celebrate and remember our rich history as we look forward to the future.

Please note, unless otherwise stated, the images used are courtesy of the City of Cambridge Archives.

Portrait, William Dickson. Image from City of Cambridge Archives.
The Galt Subscription and Circulating Library was established with a loan of 25 pounds from the Honorable William Dickson, a founder of this... Read More»
Card advertisement for Galt Mechanics Institute, 1853. Image from City of Cambridge Archives.
On May 12 a public meeting was held to replace the subscription plan of the original library with the Galt Mechanics Institute. The institute which... Read More»
Photograph, 1890, Jennie Stewart, Librarian of Galt Public Library
The Galt Mechanics Institute moved to the second floor of the Town Hall, a new building commissioned to be built in 1856. Alexander Addison was the... Read More»
Postcard of interior view of the Preston Public Library, c.1910
The Preston Library was established a Mechanic’s Institute, located in the Fireman’s Hall. Mrs Anna B. Chalenor was chosen as Librarian at a salary... Read More»
Photograph, Otto Klotz, c. 1887
The Preston’s Mechanics Institute moved to the Oddfellow’s Hall. Mr Otto Klotz was elected chairman of the Institute in 1872 and served in that... Read More»
Colour postcard, Galt Market, c. 1897
The Galt Mechanic’s Institute opened a Reading Room at the Library on the 2nd floor of the recently erected market building on Dickson Street.
Picturesque souvenir of Galt Public Library, c.1911
In response to a town petition, on New Year’s Day a bylaw was drawn up to create a free library in Galt. The first library board was appointed under... Read More»
Och’s Hall,one of the locations of the Hespeler Free Library, c.1901
The Hespeler Free Library was established in February after Hespeler Council passes bylaw 130. It was housed in various locations: Sault’s Hall, Och’... Read More»
Galt Carnegie Library during the March 20,1948 flood
The Galt Library moved to its own building at 34 Water Street North. The relocation was funded by a $20,000 grant from the Andrew Carnegie Foundation... Read More»
Colour Postcard of Preston Public Library, 1910
The Preston Library moved into its own building on Argyle Street with a grant of $12,000 from the Carnegie Foundation. The building was designed by... Read More»