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Idea Exchange | August 24, 2018

It’s time to reopen the refreshed Idea Exchange, Clemens Mill! We’ve spent the summer renovating and are excited to share it with you. When you visit, we hope you will enjoy our relocated community entrance, evening lighting in the outdoor park, expanded Children’s space, and renewed Student Learning Commons (which will include meeting rooms, a mini makerspace, and virtual reality lab).

Celebrate the reopening with us at our Open House on Sunday, September 16 for an afternoon of games, art, and play. Stay for a free hot dog (halal) and explore the improved Clemens Mill!

There will be lots of family activities throughout the afternoon, including:

Sports and Games: Practice your alley-oops or join in on a soccer game with your community friends in our active play zone.

Run the Solar System: Are you ready for a race that is out of this world? Be the first to run the solar system. Download this fun and interactive app on your mobile device to participate in this exciting activity.

Messy Play: Floating bubbles, splatting paint, and colourful chalk is what you are going to find in this marvelously messy zone.

The Lights are Bright: Exploring the world of Light Brites through fun interactive activities.

Robot Art: Show off your creativity and create a piece of art with the help of your robot friend.

Community Art Project: Help us create a beautiful masterpiece that shows off the uniqueness of our wonderful community.

Explore on the Floor: Play, discover and explore new things through fun-filled activities.

Guided by many community voices, this project is part of an ongoing strategy to create the ‘Heart of the Community,’ a growing community hub. By providing diverse and accessible opportunities for multi-generational learning, we can support the community in building strong relationships, understanding, and respect for all.

This community vision was made a reality through the generous support and dedicated work of the Lyle S. Hallman Foundation’s Children and Youth Capital Grants program, the Waterloo Region Catholic Schools Foundation, the Waterloo Catholic District School Board, L360 Architecture, PM Contracting Ltd., and many others who have supported present and past initiatives.

We can't wait to see you there!


Submitted by Dave (not verified) on

The date at the top of The Clement Mills open house nearly made me skip reading this event, because it made me think that the date of the event had passed!

Submitted by Mike (staff) (not verified) on


Sorry for the confusion, that date is the publishing date of the article on the website. All "ideas" on the website have them.



Submitted by Linda (not verified) on

Is sept 16th the opening date or is it opening starting sept 4th as previously released

Submitted by Mike (staff) (not verified) on


The branch has reopened. September 16 there will be a special event happening.