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Idea Exchange | March 2, 2014

Having trouble keeping track of when things are due?   Find yourself paying overdue fines because you lose track of the days?   Idea Exchange has some help for you!

In January 2014, we introduced a new service. Three days before an item is due you will be sent a courtesy email reminder alerting you to this upcoming due date.  Your checkout receipt will continue to be your official due date notification but in addition, all members who have opted for email notification in their account will be sent a courtesy notice.  These courtesy notices will be sent for everything except the one-day loan DVDs and Best Sellers.  (Yes, even 7-day loan movies will generate a courtesy notice if the item is still out 3 days before the due date.)

Don’t have email notification?  Please visit your local branch and ask staff to sign you up so you too can take advantage of this great service.  (Courtesy notices will not work with telephone notification or mail notification and failure to receive a courtesy notice does not change the official due date as assigned at checkout and recorded on your checkout receipt.)