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Borrowing | February 1, 2022

Idea Exchange makes reading accessible to everyone.

If you have trouble reading print because of a visual, physical or learning disability, you can use a specialized device called a DAISY Reader. This allows you to listen to books or magazines in the DAISY format (Digital Accessible Information System), which are called DAISY CDs.

Through our partnership with the Centre for Equitable Library Access (CELA), we have a selection of DAISY CDs available at Idea Exchange for quick and convenient borrowing. They are located at the Queen’s Square Library for browsing by request. Titles can also be found in the catalogue by searching “DAISY CD”. They can be placed on hold and borrowed for 6 weeks.

Using the DAISY Reader, you can listen from start to finish just by pressing play or skip between sections, as well as use bookmarks, adjust the narration speed, and look things up in the index.

A Talking Book Service membership is required to borrow DAISY CDs or a DAISY Reader. To learn more about our Talking Book Service or CELA, please visit our Accessibility page.

See the Idea Exchange DAISY Reader

See the Idea Exchange DAISY CDs



Submitted by Christa (not verified) on

It would be good to put how much it costs to replace it so people will know the risk of borrowing it. Thanks!

Submitted by Caitlyn (Staff) (not verified) on

Hi Christa, thank you for bringing this concern to our attention. Replacement costs vary depending on the item and format. DAISY Readers are specialized accessibility devices, so it is a more expensive item to replace. However these devices are sturdy and not easily damaged if you are borrowing it with care. At any time, members can contact the library directly to inquire about the replacement costs for any item borrowed. I will reach out to you directly so that we can discuss your concerns further.