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Services | December 23, 2014

Need to write an exam? We can help with that.

The Queen's Square location has a small boardroom that can be booked for use to write an exam. If your exam is online, staff can book the necessary computer time needed as well.

Please contact us at least a week in advance to ensure we can accommodate your request.


Submitted by Jo-Anne Jordan (not verified) on

I am reviewing the Proctoring Policies of many libraries to compare what they provide in comparison to what we currently do at Aurora Public Library.
From your description it looks as if you provide this service for free. I just want to know do you charge for any printing, mailing of the exams or any other fees? Is there a time limit on how long you will do the proctoring for?
Thanks in advance for your information.
Jo-Anne Jordan
Aurora Public Library

Submitted by Lucie (not verified) on

Yes, we provide free exam proctoring, though we do ask students to bring a pre-paid mailing envelope if we are required to return print copies by courier.

Submitted by Naveen (not verified) on


Is the exam proctoring still free or have there been any changes recently? Also, are there specific days/times we can write the exam?


Submitted by Lucie (not verified) on

Yes, we still provide free exam proctoring and exams may be written during regular library hours.