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Fine Free 2021!



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Idea Exchange | December 21, 2020

Idea Exchange will no longer charge overdue fines on books, audiobooks, magazines, DVDs, video games and all of the unusual stuff we have to borrow.  We know that you do your best to bring things back on time, but sometimes life gets in the way. That shouldn’t mean you can’t use your membership!

Why are we going fine free?

Not everyone can afford to pay overdue fines, and often these are the people who need our services the most. We never want someone to stop coming to Idea Exchange because they can’t afford the overdue fines on their membership.

Everyone should be able to access the materials, services, and programs that support their educational, career, family, and life goals. We want everyone in Cambridge to have the same opportunity to participate in everything we offer.

How does it work?

You will no longer be charged a daily fee when materials are returned late, but you’re still responsible for returning materials on time so others can enjoy them.

A reminder that:

  • Due dates for your borrowed items are listed on your checkout receipt and when you Sign In to your online library account.
  • You are responsible for returning or renewing borrowed items on time.
  • Borrowed items can be returned to any Idea Exchange location. Our book drops are opened 24/7.
  • You can choose to receive a courtesy email that alerts you three (3) days before your borrowed items are due. You can also choose to get overdue notices by email or phone.

Idea Exchange will continue to charge replacement and processing fees for items that have not been returned after 27 days overdue. Replacement and processing fees are also applied to items that are returned damaged. You will not be able to continue borrowing if you have been charged for long overdue or damaged items. However, if you bring the items back, the charges are removed from your account and you are free to borrow again.

If you have questions about overdue items on your account, call 519-621-0460 or chat with us online during open hours.

Do you have a long overdue item?

We want to see you back again at Idea Exchange! If you have items that you’ve kept for too long, it’s okay, bring them back!

And if you lost it entirely, get in touch. We’ll figure it out together.

Support Idea Exchange

If you love Idea Exchange and didn’t mind paying overdue fines, we’d love your continued support! Your donation will help provide outstanding programs such as our Summer Reading Club or new books for adults, youth and children. Donations can be made through our Canada Helps page. Charitable tax receipts will be issued for donations over $25.00.