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Borrowing | July 8, 2021

We are always looking for new ways to help our community to get the job done. Idea Exchange, Preston has a collection of garden tools to lend. If you need to do some work around the yard and are short a rake, edger, spade, or tree pruner, you no longer have to go to the hardware store. Think Idea Exchange Preston, for your garden tool needs!

See all Idea Exchange Garden Tools.

Drop into Idea Exchange Preston or call 519-653-3632 for more details.

Be sure to browse our gardening collection, pick up some seeds from our Seed Library and spend some quiet time in our Community Garden while you're in Preston.

Loan Period: 7 days
Holdable: Yes. All items must be picked up and returned to Idea Exchange, Preston. Due to the size and nature of these tools, they cannot be shipped between locations.
Renewals: 2