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Idea Exchange | October 2, 2020

Idea Exchange continues to offer contact free Pick-up Service of all materials, providing members the opportunity to collect items without entering a public space.

  • Pick-up Service is available by request, as described below, during open hours: Monday to Saturday, 10:00am – 6:00pm
  • External drop boxes at Clemens Mill, Hespeler, Preston, and Queen’s Square remain open 24/7 for returns.

Old Post Office is open for Makerspace Pick-up Service during open hours: Monday to Saturday, 10:00am – 6:00pm. During these hours, members can submit projects and pick them up once notified they are complete. Take and Make kits are also available.


  • All items for pick up must be placed on hold in advance.
  • You can search and reserve materials for Pick-up Service through our online catalogue. Don’t know what you want? Phone or email during service hours with the type of books you enjoy and staff can help you choose books.
  • When you have been informed that your holds are available, go to the location’s main entrance and call the phone number on the sign.
  • Staff will retrieve your items for you. Please be patient, it may take a few minutes if staff are helping members inside the location.
  • You will have six (6) days to pick up your item(s)
  • Although we are taking every precaution possible, we cannot guarantee materials are free of the COVID-19 virus. We recommend all borrowed material be quarantined at your home, remaining untouched in the plastic bag for 48 hours. Due dates have all been extended to accommodate the extra time.
  • Do not “wash” or “wipe” materials with water or disinfectant wipes as this may cause damage. Members are financially responsible for the replacement of damaged materials.


Submitted by Beth Attwood (not verified) on

If we are returning books are we to not use a plastic bag? If I am picking up books can I return at the same time?Will we have an appointment to pick up reserved books or just stand in line?

Submitted by Jamie (not verified) on

Thank you for the great questions. Please don't return the items in a plastic bag. You can place each item one by one through any of our outside returns starting Tuesday, June 16th. But there is no hurry to return the items in the first week, all due dates have been extended until July 21 to allow plenty of time to return.
If you are picking up books you can return at the same time, but will have to use the outside drop box.
Starting on June 15th you can start to reserve materials through our online catalogue. You must wait for a call or email saying your items are ready for pick up. There is no scheduled pick up appointment. You will have six days to pick up your materials from Tuesday - Saturday 10:15am-5:45pm. All pick ups will occur outside our front entrances, as the locations remain closed to the public. For the complete instructions on pick up and returns we have created a page called phased reopening with all of the details. https://ideaexchange.org/about/phased-reopening
Have a great day.

Submitted by Rianne (not verified) on

Can we get items from other locations delivered to our local library?

Submitted by Jamie (not verified) on

Thank you for the great question. Yes, materials will be shipped/placed on hold from other locations. Just like when placing holds before the closure, items from any available location will fill the hold. This is why pick ups may take a few days as items travel around the system.
Have a great day.

Submitted by Jenny (not verified) on

If we have a large number of books can we schedule a time to return them so we don't overwhelm the drop boxes? I had a large number of biographies out for my classroom prior to March break plus books for home.

Submitted by Jamie (not verified) on

Thanks for your question. If you could wait to return large quantities of items for two more weeks that would be very helpful to our staff and due to our space constraints. All items are not due until July 21 and there are no fines accruing at this time.

Submitted by Sara Heintz (not verified) on

To clarify, any books that we had on hold before March 16th will not be fullfilled?

Submitted by Jamie (not verified) on

Great question. We only require you to get in contact with us about holds that are available, which means they are sitting on the shelf. If you have holds on your account that are for new books or you are in a queue to get it, then those holds will fill as per normal.

Submitted by Janet Logan (not verified) on

According to my account information a book from my hold list has been checked out to me. Do I have to get an email from you before I come to pick it up?

Submitted by Jamie (not verified) on

Thanks for your question. You should receive an email or phone notification before the item is checked out to you.
However, if you see the item is checked out then you are welcome to come to the location to pick it up as it is bagged and ready for you.

Submitted by Jay (not verified) on

Several days ago I returned a book placing it into a "return box" Now, I can still see in my Internet library account that I did not return it. Do I have a reason to worry?

Submitted by Jamie (not verified) on

Thank you for your question. All of the materials that are placed in the drop box are quarantined for 72 hours. All the materials stay checked out to your account while in quarantine. Also, with the weekend, it could take longer for us to check in the items.
If you would like us to check your account, please phone us at 519-621-0460.
Have a good day.

Submitted by Joe Lethbridge (not verified) on

Are printers available to use ?
Miss printing some of my photos.

Thank you

Submitted by Laura (not verified) on

Hi Joe -- Thank you for your comment. Printers are available at all Idea Exchange locations. You can even send in your print job from home.See the "Wireless Printing" link on this page for the how-to's: https://ideaexchange.org/about/idea/computer-printing