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Unusual Stuff to Borrow

  • iPad on top of a stack of books

Borrowing | July 8, 2021

Fantastic news! You can borrow an iPad from Idea Exchange and enjoy browsing the Internet, apps and e-reading from home or on the go.

Use an adult Idea Exchange membership card to check out an iPad:

  • Loan period: 3 weeks
  • Can be put on hold
  • Can be renewed

The iPads come with a selection of built-in apps appropriate for people of all ages, so whether you’re playing educational games with pre-schoolers or checking out e-books with Great-Uncle Jim, you’ll be ready to go right away.

It’s a perfect way to take the technology out for a spin and experience the wealth of amazing apps available for iOS.

Apps for kids on the iPads include:

Apps for adults on the iPads include: