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Idea Exchange | January 7, 2022

Idea Exchange, Old Post Office offers a Makerspace Pick-up Service to provide members with the opportunity to complete their creative projects without having to enter a public space.

Idea Exchange members can submit their laser cutter, 3D printer, large format printer, pinback button, and magnet projects to oporeception [at] ideaexchange.org, staff will complete the job and contact you when it is ready for pick-up. Take and Make kits are also available through the Makerspace Pick-up Service.

How Do I Use the Makerspace Pick-up Service?

To submit projects, you will need a valid Idea Exchange membership and then follow these steps:

  1. Create your design file
  2. Submit your design file
  3. Wait for staff to contact you when the job is complete
  4. Pay for material costs
  5. Pick-up your completed project

Please read the information below before you begin.

Step One – Create your Design File

For all projects, include any and all instructions in a readme file, a printout, or in the email.

We will accept the following types of design files:

  • Laser cutter – Designs created in any 2D drawing application. The file extension must be one of the following: .pdf, .cdr, .svg, .ai, .dwg, .dxf . Only unfinished, natural materials are used (eg. wood, fabric, clear glass for etching).
  • 3D printing – Only . stl or .obj files will be accepted.
  • Large format printer – Image files must be in one of these formats: .jpg, .gif, .png, .bmp, .svg, .tiff. High resolution images are preferred. Include the desired size and the paper type (glossy, matte, plain) of the printed image(s).
  • Pinback buttons and magnets – Use the online template to create your design at home. Submit the saved file to us or drop-off the printout.

Please note:

  • Design files must be complete. Staff will not design projects.
  • Idea Exchange reserve the right to refuse incomplete designs.
  • Quality of finished product will vary, depending on quality of design submitted. Idea Exchange is not responsible for any manufacturing defects in the quality of workmanship or materials inherent in any of the tools or equipment.
  • It is the member’s obligation and responsibility to determine and satisfy copyright, patent, trademark or other use restrictions. Idea Exchange is not responsible for violation of intellectual property laws.
  • Idea Exchange reserve the right to refuse any projects that violate our policies, are unsafe and/or are unlawful.

Step Two – Submit your Design File

  • A valid Idea Exchange membership is required submit projects to the Makerspace Pick-up Service.
  • Members can submit design files to oporeception [at] ideaexchange.org or drop-off USB and materials to the Old Post Office during opening hours.
  • All materials submitted must be labelled and include your:
    • First and last name
    • Telephone number and email address
    • Idea Exchange membership number
    • Complete instructions for build
  • A maximum of 3 jobs per member, per week will be accepted.

Step Three – Wait for Staff to Contact You When the Job is Complete

  • Staff will produce designs and call or email you when the job is complete.
  • Most jobs are completed within 7 days. Larger jobs may require more time. Completion times may also vary due to volume.
  • If longer than 7 days is required to complete a job, Makerspace staff will contact you to arrange timing for job completion and for pickup. 

Step Four – Pay for Material Costs

  • Any material costs incurred must be paid for by credit card before pick-up.
  • Material costs are:
    • Pinback buttons: $1 each.
    • Magnets: $2 each
    • 3D Printing: PLA filament is 10 cents per gram. An average job is 25 grams ($2.50).
    • 3D Printing using Ultimaker S5: PLA filament is 10 cents per gram. ABS, TPU, PVA filament is 20 cents per gram.
    • Laser cutter: 19" x 30" sheet of 1/8" Baltic Birch Plywood - $9.00 Full Sheet, $4.50 Half Sheet, $2.25 1/4 Sheet
    • Large format printer: View costs and limits on printing.

Step Five – Pick-up Your Completed Project

  • To pick up your Makerspace project or kit, please enter the building through the main entrance doors and speak to staff at the first floor Reception desk.
  • For contact-free pickup, call 226-533-2767 during open hours and staff will bring your items to the door.
  • Masks and safe physical distancing are required for all pick-ups and drop-offs.