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Restoring Time


Local History, Old Post Office

  • Achim Klaas, owner of Klaas Design
    Achim Klaas, owner of Klaas Design
  • Faces in the Klaas Design studio
    Faces in the Klaas Design studio
  • One face of the Old Post Office clock
    One face of the Old Post Office clock

Nicole, Queen's Square | May 22, 2018

One of the most fascinating features of the Old Post Office is the historic clock which has been keeping watch over Galt’s core for the past 100 years. Designed and manufactured by J. Smith and Sons, the stately clock was installed in 1915. Over the years, the building has seen many changes and renovations, but the clock has remained untouched. As the City of Cambridge works to renovate the building, restoring the clock has been a top priority.

Achim Klaas, owner of Klaas Design, is a local artist and designer of international reputation, who has run his business just outside of Cambridge for the past 35 years. His passion is in capturing the history and story of projects, and he works diligently to create art that will resonate with young and old alike. Achim’s primary work has been in religious commissions, but his keen interest in the technical aspects of restoration work made him the perfect choice to restore the clock’s faces.

However, this project was not for the faint of heart. The clock has four faces that were all in various states of disrepair. Each face is about 6.5 feet in diameter, and made up of 24 separate pieces of glass. Some faces had salvageable but tarnished glass, while others needed their glass completely replaced. Achim and his team numbered each piece as they removed it from the cast iron frame, in order to ensure they put everything back in the correct spot. Wonderfully enough the cast iron frame, while weathered, was completely unbroken. Achim did not need to do repair work, instead focusing on restoring the iron by sandblasting, and then repainting each individual section with historical accuracy.

The clock is only one piece of the amazing Old Post Office restoration. Thank you to Achim and his team for their wonderful work restoring the faces of the clock!