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Unusual Stuff to Borrow, Discovery Centre

  • Rigamajig

Borrowing | July 8, 2021

The Rigamajig is one of our favourite STEAM toys at the library!  With just a little imagination you can build cars, forts, pulley systems, wheelbarrows, bridges, or anything else you can dream up. Now, you can check out the Rigamajig on your library card and build cool structures with your family at home!

Each Rigamajig take-home bag includes multiple sizes of wooden planks, nuts and bolts, brackets, wheels, rope, and miscellaneous mystery pieces to fuel your creativity.

What will you make?

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Loan Period: 3 weeks
Holdable: No. All take-home bags must be picked up and returned to Idea Exchange, Old Post Office. Due to the size of these bags, they cannot be shipped between locations
Renewals: 2

Please Note: Rigamajig take-home bags have wheels for easy movement. However, each bag weighs about 35 pounds. Please exercise caution when lifting these bags. Rigamajig pieces are NOT intended to be weight-bearing, so please avoid sitting or standing on the structures you create.