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Unusual Stuff to Borrow

  • STEAMbox Artist Lia Humphrey with STEAMboxes
    STEAMbox Artist Lia Humphrey with STEAMboxes
  • Some of our handpainted STEAMboxes
    Some of our handpainted STEAMboxes
  • Fall 2018 Magazine Cover Launching STEAMboxes
    Fall 2018 Magazine Cover Launching STEAMboxes
  • MAGnificent STEAMbox
    MAGnificent STEAMbox
  • STEAMbox Artist Yusra Mohiuddin
    STEAMbox Artist Yusra Mohiuddin
  • Art from Bug STEAMbox
    Art from Bug STEAMbox
  • Trish with STEAMboxes
    Trish with STEAMboxes

Brandon at Queen's Square | July 8, 2021

Each of our STEAMboxes offers a unique, hands-on, interdisciplinary learning experience for a child and grownup to explore together. Originally an in-house collection to be explored at the Old Post Office, select STEAMboxes are now circulating to allow for use during the pandemic. Build a video game character, explore electrical circuits, write code for some simple computers, program a robot, or make some art. Then take some photos and share your experience with the world on our STEAMblog.

When designing the STEAMbox collection, we wanted a collection that was engaging with eye-catching items to spark imagination and intrigue. Few things are more engaging to a child than a colourful, mysterious, locked box. Thanks to our collection of talented STEAMbox artists that we've had over the years, opening a new STEAMbox feels like opening a birthday present!

Our STEAMbox artists are a collection of staff members, summer student staff, co-op placement students, and volunteers. And all of them deserve a callout and a high-five as we are very proud of this very popular collection. The following is a list of our STEAMbox artists and the STEAMboxes they crafted...

Yusra Mohiuddin:

  • Star Wars box
  • Bloxels box
  • Robotic Arm box
  • Optics box

Lia Humphrey:

  • Chemistry
  • Bee Bot
  • Electric
  • Art box
  • Math box

Christina Gould: Alphabet City (literacy) box

Shawna Bauer-Kenyon: Physics box

Anne McLagan: Music box

Trish Boyd: Magformers box

Christine Holburn: Mystery box

Ana Christina Murillo: Bug box (coming soon!)

Helping craft STEAMboxes is just one of many meaningful and engaging volunteering opportunities that the Youth Services staff at Idea Exchange have for young people in our community. While earning their volunteer hours toward their secondary school diploma, we also want our teen volunteers to have experiences that they can enjoy, remember fondly, and even put on their resumé. Over the years several Youth Services volunteers have become full-time summer staff, part-time permanent staff, and even full-time here at Idea Exchange.

Currently, were working hard to find COVID-friendly volunteering opportunities. So stay in touch!

See all Idea Exchange STEAMboxes.

Loan Period: 7 days
Holdable: No, pick up at Idea Exchange, Old Post Office.
Renewals: 2