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Services | February 24, 2022

Idea Exchange allows you to print to an Idea Exchange printer from just about anywhere and any device.

Choose one of the options below to begin:

  • Upload a document
  • Use the PrinterON mobile app: Apple | Android
  • Send an email to print that email or its attachments:
    With files attached, email one of the addresses below based on your pick-up location and preferred type of printing

Clemens Mill
Black and White: cmbwletter [at] printspots.com
Colour: cmcolourletter [at] printspots.com

Black and White: hebwletter [at] printspots.com
Colour: hecolourletter [at] printspots.com

Old Post Office
Black and White: opobwletter [at] printspots.com
Colour: opocolourletter [at] printspots.com

Black and White: prbwletter [at] printspots.com
Colour: prcolourletter [at] printspots.com

Queen’s Square
Black and White: qsbwletter [at] printspots.com
Colour: qscolourletter [at] printspots.com

File size limits: 50 MB for upload or PrinterON app. 10 MB for email.

Cost: Black and White $0.25 per side, Colour $0.50 per side, paid at pickup. Debit/credit payments are encouraged but cash will be accepted.

Images: For best results use the PrinterON app or Upload.

Some Files may not be supported.

All prints must be picked up no later than 15 minutes before the selected location closes and on the same day the job is submitted.