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Wonderbooks and Launchpads


Unusual Stuff to Borrow

  • Two children with earphones on listening to wonderbooks
  • Two children using a launchpad

Idea Exchange | July 8, 2021


Wonderbooks are print books with an attached ready-to-play audiobook inside. These picture books have headphone jacks for independent listening. Parents can assist younger children with the read-along and older children can follow along on their own.

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Loan Period: 3 weeks
Holdable: Yes
Renewals: Yes

Note: Wonderbooks can be checked out on a Juvenile or Adult membership card.


Launchpads are pre-loaded tablets with high-quality STEAM and literacy games for children to explore, accessible anytime from anywhere, as they require no WIFI.

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Loan Period: 7 days
Holdable: Yes
Renewals: Yes

Note: Launchpads can only be checked out on an Adult membership card.