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Code of Conduct

Welcome to Idea Exchange libraries and Cambridge Art Galleries. We are committed to creating and maintaining a safe, positive and quality environment where we treat each other with respect and courtesy. 

Everyone is expected to:

  • Attend to and supervise children and vulnerable persons in their care.
  • Attend to personal belongings. Idea Exchange is not responsible for theft or damage.
  • Dress appropriately, including wearing shoes and shirts at all times.
  • Consume food and drink in a responsible way. Avoid excessive noise or food odours and clear away all waste material in the provided trash receptacles. No food or beverages are allowed in the art galleries.
  • Use library furniture, equipment, facilities and designated spaces properly and only for the usual and intended purposes.
  • Use washrooms only for their intended purposes.
  • Make available all bags, purses, carrying cases and briefcases for inspection upon leaving library locations if so requested by staff. Such examination shall be for the sole purpose of determining ownership and ascertaining that library material has been properly discharged.
  • Leave the building promptly at closing and as requested during emergency situations.
  • Report disruptive behaviour to staff immediately.

Examples of behaviour that is NOT permitted include:

  • Interfering with another’s use and enjoyment of the facility or interfering with staff in performing work
  • Threatening, abusive, harassing or offensive language, behaviour or actions
  • Being under the influence of, selling, using or possessing alcohol or illegal substances
  • Damage, misuse or theft of materials, equipment or property
  • Vandalism or graffiti
  • Using cell phones or other electronic devices in a manner which disturbs others use of the Library
  • Photographing or filming without prior approval from a senior staff member
  • Petitioning, posting of flyers, soliciting or engaging in commercial activity unless authorized by a manager
  • Smoking on Idea Exchange property
  • Bringing animals in the facility unless needed to assist a person with a disability or in authorized programs
  • Carrying weapons or implements which can be used as weapons

Consequences of violating the Code of Conduct:

  • Serious violation of the Idea Exchange’s Code of Conduct may result in suspension of library and gallery privileges, cost-recovery charges or sanctions as per the Criminal Code of Canada, The Human Rights Code, the Public Libraries Act, the Occupational Health and Safety Act, the Trespass to Property Act, the Smoke-Free Ontario Act, the Child and Family Services Act and the Public Works Protection Act.

Adopted: June 28, 2017 (Board Motion 17.47)