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Trespass Policy

To outline the approach to handling situations in which a person’s disregard for appropriate conduct at Idea Exchange requires action that may in some cases include the issuing of a Letter of Trespass.

Minor Violations

  1. When disregard for the Code of Conduct occurs including attempted theft or attempted vandalism and harassing or abusive language, some or all of the following actions may be taken depending on the severity of the situation:

    a) staff will inform the person of how the Code of Conduct was violated and give a verbal warning,
    b) staff may give a further verbal warning and threaten to expel the person from the premises if misconduct does not cease,
    c) staff may expel the person for the remainder of the day
    d) staff may levy material cost recovery and associated charges,
    e) the person may be expelled from Idea Exchange for a period of time,
    f) a written Letter of Trespass may be issued to the person or mailed to an appropriate guardian, explaining that s/he is banned from the branch for a period of time,
    g) in every case, staff will keep a record of the name of the person responsible for the misconduct.

Major Violations

  1. When theft, violence, threat of violence (online or in person), exhibitionism or other criminal activity occurs, the following actions may be taken:

    a) police will be notified depending on the nature and severity of the violation,
    b) staff will inform the person of how the rules were violated,
    c) staff will issue a Letter of Trespass and expel the person from the premises for a period of time.
    d) upon review of the incident, the period of time banning the person from the premises may be extended by the Chief Executive Officer.

Reinstatement of Library Privileges

  1. Any person committing a minor violation will be informed of the date they can return to the premises. Any person who has been served a Letter of Trespass for a major violation will be notified that they must apply in writing for reinstatement of library and gallery privileges. 
  2. The Chief Executive Officer shall consider all applications for reinstatement using the following criteria:

    a) the circumstances surrounding the exclusion,
    b) the past behaviour of the person making the application,
    c) the person’s reasons for seeking reinstatement, and
    d) where applicable, whether the person has reimbursed Idea Exchange for all expenses incurred as a result of the person’s actions.

  3. The Chief Executive Officer may extend the exclusion period and refuse to reinstate the library and gallery privileges of a person requesting reinstatement. A person who has applied for reinstatement shall be informed in writing of the Chief Executive Officer’s decision and the reasons for the decision.
  4. A person has the right to appeal, in writing to the Cambridge Public Library Board, a Letter of Trespass and revocation or extension of the same.
  5. The Chief Executive Officer may delegate any or all decision-making authority under this policy.
  6. A person’s library and gallery privileges shall not be reinstated during the application for reinstatement or appeal process.

Adopted: June 28, 2017 (Board Motion 17.48)