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Raw and Regional: After Common Waters. Designed by Karly Boileau
Tuesday October 8, 2019. 6:00 - 8:00 PM
Old Post Office
Common Waters was an unprecedented collaborative community project which took place between June and September 2019 in Cambridge Ontario. It examined... read more»
Instant Places, WATERMARK, 2019. Image Courtesy of Artists
Instant Places
September 8 - 15, 2019
Design at Riverside
Laura Kavanaugh and Ian Birse (aka Instant Places) ...for the colours diametrically opposed to each other...are those that reciprocally evoke other... read more»
Erika DeFreitas, within the cut and slender joint alone, video still, 03:04 minutes, 2017
Barry Ace, Erika DeFreitas, Lindsay Dobbin, Merritt Johnson, Anne Riley, Ehren "Bear Witness" Thomas
July 12 - October 12, 2019
Queen's Square
When water accumulates it is called a body, a body of water. A human body is also a body of water. Body of waters and bodies of water, a conversation... read more»
Common Waters, Julia Nakanishi and Tony Kogan, 2019
June 14 - September 15, 2019
Design at Riverside
Common Waters is a community project that examines our relationship with water and provides a platform for us to discuss some of the most pressing... read more»
Rosellen D'Agostino, Untitled Faceless Portrait 1138, 2017/10/23. Image Courtesy of Artist
May 10 - June 29, 2019
Queen's Square
SHOW.19 brings together emerging artists from across Ontario whose works, processes and preoccupations are the latest in the ever-changing world of... read more»
Jordyn Stewart, work in progress, installation, 2019. Image courtesy of the artist
Jordyn Stewart
April 26 - June 15, 2019
A cul-de-sac is a dead end street whose end is surrounded by houses. Confined within a curb, and a ubiquitous indicator of urban sprawl, they are... read more»
Cho, Shi, Taylor: Woven Brick, 2018
April 15 - June 1, 2019
Design at Riverside
Projects Review 2019 features graduate and undergraduate projects from the University of Waterloo School of Architecture. The exhibition showcases... read more»
Hannah Lightfoot, Neighbours Participant. 2019, Photo Sarah Bennett
Heather Majaury
March 8 - April 20, 2019
Queen's Square
Heather Majaury (Algonquin Anishinabekwe) moved to the Haldimand Tract in 2002. The descendant of historically unregistered Indigenous people and... read more»