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Big effort, monster show.


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  • Image Credit: Ontario Place photo from Wikipedia

Iga Janik, Curator of Contemporary Art | September 19, 2016

September is a new season for many things, art openings are no exception.

It’s hard to keep track of all new exhibitions opening this month, and many stellar projects are up in the region and around.  Toronto galleries are buzzing with new ambitions, and one of the hottest, largest, and all too brief of festivals is In/Future. This is an ambitious project assembled for the long ago closed Ontario Place. What’s it like to build a show for an abandoned theme park? It’s probably like nothing else these curators have done before. 

I have not seen the show, but it opened last night and the coverage looks great!

Now, don’t think for too long about whether or not you have the time to see it.  It is up for exactly 10 days only!

Old spaces are amazing to navigate when their function has been skewed by a bunch of artists. The scope of the installations is unprecedented, and for the music lovers our there it’s a must hear. Plus, who doesn’t want to revisit this spot. And see video art at the IMAX.