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Cambridge Art Galleries Staff | January 14, 2022

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Designed by Scott Lee
Featuring work by Olivia Brouwer, Anahí González, Lupita Guerrero, Anne Hamilton, Brubey Hu, Abby Nowakowski, Jackie Partridge, Lauren Prousky, Brenda Mabel Reid, Racquel Rowe, and Ahmri Vandeborne.



All The Time In The World
Tee Kundu
A collection of short stories that range from the practical to the absurd. Exploring our relationships
to ourselves and the world, it takes the fantasies & concerns of a young 20-something to their
logical conclusions.



The Winter Wellness Zine
Designed and compiled by Brittany Sostar
With contributions from our volunteers, including recipes, mindfulness tips, original artwork and more!