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It's Not Easy Being Green


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Gabrielle Clermont and Karly Boileau | December 22, 2020

#MuseumFromHome DIY is a weekly series from Cambridge Art Galleries with carefully curated content just for you. Join us each week as we explore a new theme.

After a chilly start, spring seems to finally have arrived in Cambridge. Watching the trees and flowers burst into bloom has got us thinking about all things green and good. After two months of quarantine, the earth seems to be taking a deep breath as we witness smog levels decreasing and animal activity increasing. So join us this week as we explore ways to take our cues from nature and learn to be kinder to the planet.

Take a virtual interactive tour of Central Park, the green oasis in the middle of a metropolis. Learn about the famous features the park has to offer as well as the many plant and tree species found throughout the 840-acre park.

Love Ted Talks as much as we do? Try Earth School on TedED, created with partners like National Geographic and the World Wildlife Foundation. It includes 30 days of 'quests' suitable for the whole family. Try drawing the earth as an emoji with a fun tutorial suitable for very young artists.

Develop your green thumb and help important pollinators with these ideas from the David Suzuki Foundation.

Don't replace it, repair it! There are so many ways to artfully repair your items. Not only will they extend the life of you items and keep them out of landfill, they tend to make your item more unique and allow you to customize them. Get inspired by Kintsugi, a traditional Japanese art for repairing broken pottery. Then get busy trying these other repair techniques:
- 10 Ways to mend you clothes
- Reupholster your furniture on the cheap

Jason deCaires Taylor is an artist whose sculptural works have ended up on the bottom of the ocean floor...on purpose. Located across the world, Jason's underwater museums are filled with incredible marine cement sculptures, which double as artificial reefs to support marine life. Watch his Ted Talk or visit his website to learn more.

Bonus Content**

Meet four artists whose works pose questions about the relationships between nature and culture in this episode of Art21: Ecology.

An Art That Nature Makes is a fascinating documentary about internationally acclaimed photographer, Rosamond Purcell, whose work finds unexpected beauty in the discarded and decayed.

By 2050 there could be more plastic in the ocean than fish by weight, but more than 99% of it goes missing. Explore why this happens in the documentary, Oceans: The Mystery of Missing Plastic. Then learn how you can help with this practical eBook How to Give Up Plastics written by the head of Oceans for Greenpeace UK, Will McCallum.

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